Former Procopio Intern Eric Abeita named University of New Mexico Tribal Law Journal Managing Editor

Theodore J. Griswold | Partner |

“Let Our Voices Be Heard, Let Our Stories Be Told”

The motto of the University of New Mexico Tribal Law Journal is in capable hands, with Eric Abeita (UNM School of Law 2015) as managing editor for the journal. Mr. Abeita was one of the Procopio Native American Law Interns during the summer of 2014, during which he was an active contributor to the Procopio Blog, The Blogging Circle.

The Tribal Law Journal has also started a blog for more frequent notifications of important legal issues. Check it out and follow some of the stories and articles provided by University of New Mexico law students and Tribal Law Journal staff. The blog can be found here.

Ted is head of the Native American Law practice group and primary editor for the Blogging Circle. Connect with Ted at and 619.515.3277.