Happy Holidays!

By:  Theodore J. Griswold | Partner | ted.griswold@procopio.com
Yesterday’s Winter Solstice marked the astronomical beginning of Winter and the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. This special turning point in time offers us the perfect moment to break from our busy lives, visit with family and friends, and reflect on 2015 while looking forward to the New Year ahead.   This is a great time to pause for a minute and enjoy a Holiday Circle– to appreciate and celebrate those special people who have helped to shape and enrich our lives and our future, and let them know about it.

Whatever your religion, custom, or beliefs, I encourage you to take a moment from your daily routine to celebrate life this week, and cherish your own personal Holiday Circle.

Lawyers and staff of Procopio’s Native American Law practice group thank you for your readership and wish you peace and prosperity in 2016.


Ted GriswoldTed is head of the Native American Law practice group and primary editor for the Blogging Circle. Connect with Ted at ted.griswold@procopio.com and 619.515.3277