Congratulations to Tyler Fish, White House Tribal Advisor

shutterstock_106049372By: Theodore J. Griswold | Partner |

Good things happen to good people. It was with great pleasure that we learned this week that Cherokee Citizen Tyler Fish made a jump from the Department of Interior (working as counsel in the Office of the Assistant Secretary Indian Affairs) directly into the White House to provide first hand input on the Administration’s policies regarding Tribal matters. His official position is Senior Policy Advisor & Tribal Liaison at Executive Office of the President, The White House.

A Marine veteran with a can-do and will-do attitude that knows his way around Washington, Tyler brings the kind of energy that this advocacy position needs. I was pleased to get to know Tyler in his law school days when he applied for our Native American Internship position and we have maintained a connection since then. You do that with people of quality, and I can certainly say that about Tyler. It has been fun to watch his career grow into a place of influence and importance. Looking forward to great things coming from his office. Congratulations Tyler!

You can read more about his designation here and here. Meet Tyler on LinkedIn.

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