What Will Be Your Holiday Story This Year?

By: Theodore J. Griswold | Partner | ted.griswold@procopio.com

Whether it is Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, or even Festivus–the holidays bring us all together to share each other’s company, our stories and celebrate our families and friendships.  They  are also the material for future stories to our children.  How many times in the next week will we hear “remember when . . . . “ or “. . .and the time Uncle [fill in the blank] did [fill in the blank]??”  It often goes unnoticed, but each year we are actually creating the memories for future holidays.

When it comes down to it, isn’t a good story the most important gift that we can give?  Stories last, and when they are repeated, they regenerate the smiles and memories that brings us closer.  We are stewards for the stories that our kids will hear and tell, so why not take a pledge this year to go out and make your holiday memorable.   Do something random and kind, and loving and funny.  Be courageously happy with your loved ones, and see what stories you can create in that 2014 Holiday Season.

The Blogging Circle is about sharing stories.  We hope that you create some wonderful stories during your 2014 Holidays.

Ted is head of the Native American Law practice group and primary editor for the Blogging Circle. Connect with Ted at ted.griswold@procopio.com and 619.515.3277.